Pro 300W Bi-Color Continuous LED Light

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The Hobolite Pro is a professional grade powerful continuous light. Packing 300W of power, it provides professional lighting where and when you need it. The light output ranges from 2700K - 6500K with excellent CRI. Standard Bowens Mount lens allows you to use any accessory attachment to modify light to modify the light output however you choose.

● Light source: Bi-color COB LED
● Aluminum architecture
● Premium faux leather
● Built in angle adjustment with lock
● Highly efficient light output (30,000lm @6500K CCT)) in 300W of power
● Unique and removable lens, instead of big bulky lens, PRO lens provides much smaller size with much better effect of light
● Bowens mount compatible
● Exceptional color accuracy (CRI 96, TLCI 96) and flicker free
● Detachable bright 3.5 Inch high contrast control panel remote control with dual knurled control knobs, with 0% ‘Blackout’ option allowing for continued control and adjustments without emitting light. Provides crisp display allowing for easy reading in any lighting condition and no spill from backlighting to interfere with the scene.
● Detachable control panel can control the lamp head either attached to the power supply or remotely, max distance of 20m/65.6ft
● Turn the knobs for seamless adjustment of intensity (0-100%) and CRI (2700K to 6500K) or push the knobs for fixed step adjustment
● Built in active cooling fan with very low noise level (28dB @1m), making it suitable for video shoots
● Smart temperature protection in place to shut down lamp beyond normal operating temperature range
● Can run continuously on 2 pcs Hobolite 95Wh battery for 48 mins (max 60% intensity ) 132 mins(at 25% intensity)
● Operating voltage: 12V-48V
● NFC for APP quick launch, just tap your phone’s NFC area on the NFC sign
● Bluetooth with device APP control, with a range of 20m/65.6ft. APP can also perform on the air upgrade of lamp firmware
● 8 lighting effects for various lighting scenarios
● Dimensions: 168.5X179X322mm / 6.63X7.05X12.68 in.
● Net weight: 3.7 kg/8.15 lbs
● Pro Barndoor Set- 1 X Barndoor, 1 X Honey Comb Filter. The Pro Barndoor contains a safety latch and a Honey Comb filter that attaches over the lens with a pressure mount. The four adjustable doors can be opened or closed to control the amount of light spread from the fixture.
● Pro Lantern (65cm)- The Pro Lantern is a spherical softbox with a 65cm diameter that allows you to produce soft, even light. Emmiting a 270º beam angle, the Pro Lantern is the perfect photo or video accessory for casting a soft light over a wide area. With its tension-based frame, the Lantern can pop open and be ready to use in seconds, making it ready to go for run-and-gun shooting. It stores compactly in the included gray canvas carrying bag.
● Pro Softbox (90cm)- The Pro Softbox is specially designed to maximize the optics of the Pro and sets up in seconds with the easy umbrella lock interior. With a standard Bowen's Mount, it includes a reflective interior for soft, neutral output and a removable front diffuser with egg-crate attachment for a punchy, high-contrast look. It folds down quickly and stores in the dedicated gray canvas bag with a shoulder strap and handles for easy portability.
● Pro - Carbon Fiber Tripod Light Stand - 310cm- CF310 is a sturdy, compact light stand designed to be used with the Hobolite Pro. Made of aircraft-grade carbon fiber with aluminum legs for added stability, this stand is very lightweight yet sturdy and durable. The tripod light stand extends to 122.04" (3.10 m) and folds down to 31.69" (80.5 cm) for easy storage and transport. Weight load capacity: 8kg/17lbs 10oz
● Dual V-mount Battery Charger- The Hobolite Dual V-Mount Battery Charger simultaneously charges two batteries at a time when connected to a wall outlet. The 95Wh DC Batteries connect via a V-Mount interface ensuring a consistent and reliable connection between charger and battery.
● Hobolite V-Mount Clamp: attaches to your light stand and holds your Hobolite power supply with the easy quick attach and release V-Mount mechanism standard throughout the Hobolite line. Made of cast aluminum, it also includes a 1/4" threaded hole to attach additional accessories.
● 95WH V-mount DC battery: 14.8V 6.4Ah battery with V mount- features V-Mount compatible with the Hobolite Clamp or mounting to the Pro Power Supply. The battery is charged by 20V input and has multiple output options: either via Type C fast charge (suitable for Mini), D-TAP (Avant), or V-Mount (Pro). 4 level LED battery indicator lights display the current battery life at a glance. Supports up to 7 A continuous current draw, use beyond this maximum discharge level may cause the internal temperatures of the battery pack to rise, and the protection circuit will shut off the current to protect the internal cells . The battery can be used to simultaneously power multiple devices from the various output ports. However, prior to using this option, please make sure that the combined total draw of the various devices does not draw more than the recommended discharge amount.